About ME

"Images by Loyce"


It seems that, actually, I have  been around the world and back with my photography experiences and IMAGES - starting with my earliest exposure to a different cameras back when the Kodak Brownie was popular.  My mother bought it with S&H Green Stamps back when I was a child. Then, I had a camera that used 127 films with the sprockets on the side. I had a Poloraid camera, A Minolta with a very long lens, and a Samsung 4 camera phone.  When the Digital Revolution came into being, I was among the ones who wanted to experiment, even though one Pro-professor swore that he would never use a digital camera, but now he has one and speaks about it's  This has brought about interests in formal photography class and learning from PROS, and picking up tips from more advanced photography, joing photography groups, and signing up for tours to great tour sights. 


I must have at least 25,000  images, YES, 25 Thousands in my volumes. It is a GREAT joy to remember the occasions when and where  I took the pictures. Litterally from around the world - most recently Costa Rica.  Jamaica, Alaska, and almost all of the United States, Europe, Finland, Holy Land, Mediterrean Coast. On cruises, on land, and by planes, to mysterious destinations, both home and abroad. 

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